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So yeah here's some of my art...take a look if you want too ...:icondragongrin: plz?

Rules when requesting

Pokemon (May vary)
Fat art (male only)
Inflation art (male only)
Weight gain (male only)
Video games
Fetish art (May vary)
Anime (practicing)
Girl vore (FURRY ONLY)

Fat ponies
Pony inflation
Pony weight gain
Pony vore
Girl Inflation
Girl weight gain
human inflation
human weight gain
Human vore
Hate Art
Mature Art (Sexual themes)
Living vehicles
Fat TV cartoon characters
Inflated TV cartoon characters
TV Cartoon character weightgain
Gender bent versions of female characters

(For my friends who are bronies, you can request pony art, only if its not female inflation or weight gain. Requests from other people may vary so if your pissed that someone else requested something off of the "won't draw" list, so don't bitch about it)

Deviants that shall never be forgotten




Touched By an Angel by Vivi-Sinclair
Touched By an Angel
So apparently whilst trying to upload this pic, the Sai and PNG version of this picture had somehow and mysteriously disappeared so I have no choice but to use the JPEG file

Anywho, this was a request by :iconangelicartist101: 

Marcus (c) :iconangelicartist101:

I own my persona
Jack Part 2 Childhood by Vivi-Sinclair
Jack Part 2 Childhood
Part 2 of the JACK... Mini comic series

I drew the first mewtwo without a base or a reference on my own, I think I did pretty well

Jack Sinclair (c) :iconvivi-sinclair:
A Very Minor Case of Serious Indigestion by Vivi-Sinclair
A Very Minor Case of Serious Indigestion
An idea by the awesome :icondragovian15: starring yours truly and :iconnanopaw:~:heart:

I own my persona

Drew, Wolfaroo (c) :icondragovian15:

Nano (c) :iconnanopaw:

Psycho & Dr. Zed (c) Borderlands 2
Im feeling a bit better, thank you all for being concerned it makes me feel a lot better

for those of you who commented, I was just upset because some kids in my CA1 class have just gotten on my bad side...but I'm sure they'll be properly apprehended~

Well, anywho, I'm fine for he moment


Vivi-Sinclair's Profile Picture
Because science
Artist | Hobbyist | Other
United States
Vivi-Sinclair is back and in charge!! XD

In the event of a hack, follow me to my back up account: :iconfatyoshiplz:

My beloved DA family:
:heart::iconnanopaw::heart: Mon Copain
:iconluketheemewtwo: My big mewtwo brother ^^
:iconviolindaire-sama: Vivi and Bear are a happily wedded couple :iconiloveitplz:
:iconmitchkenzo: Really awesome guy, and a great writer too!! ^^
:iconthunderthearchen: Saiko's main meal X3
:icondragonpok: Really nice guy ^^ loves to get eaten XP
:iconchaosrenjin: My onii-chan X3 loves to keep me eating me XD
:icontheyoshimaster: Really cool guy, has some awesome characters ^^
:iconleft4deathlucario: a very cute wolf X3 and a good writer as well! :3
:iconzachthefloatzel: my fatty floaty bum pet X3
:iconsasunarulover99: Really nice friend ^^ shes drawn me some great stuff!
:iconfuchsiaswirl: one of my PSN friends, fun to play with on LBP!!
:iconthousandmilehorizon: awesome guy XD loves to stuff me, Vivi and Saiko silly
:iconkritken: a great guy ^^ love his art style XD
:iconmeganhedgehog: known her since my start on Deviant aty, my very first watcher
:iconozkangaroo: great guy ^^ im a big fan of his characters X3
:icondragovian15: awesome wolfaroo buddy X3 got some great characters!
:iconlazyashell: I guess you can say ong of her characters is Saiko's step mother XD
:iconblight-shadowhart: awesome typhlosion friend X3 love to RP with him
:iconxavierthetotodile: one of the greatest people ive ever met
:icontorokofox: big fatty wolf friend X3 fun to RP with
:iconhiddendragon24: is :iconleft4deathlucario:'s boy friend X3 a cute couple
:iconinkdemonblazidragon: one awesome Blaziken XD gots an awesome art style
:icon932-2063: great fried ^^ known her since my start on here
:icon123mew2: my little mew friend :3 so cute X3
:iconarmy-of-zero: a cool guy, fun to RP with
:iconbluepeachflipnote: he may draw stick figures but they're awesome XD
:iconfatscrat: my little fat saver tooth squirrel pet :3
:iconpuffyboo: great friend, has a freaking adorable art style ;w;
:icongreace64: a cool girl X3 love her art style ^^
:iconriddleoflightning: an incredibly generous friend, given PMs and lots of points!
:iconirishspy33: a wonderful friend, truly an awesome one ^^
:iconnicotheserperior: awesome friend, very helpful
:icondxd: the one who was able to help recover my account
:iconjavi-stuff: awesome guy XD has drawn me some "fun" pictures >w>
:iconpokanzo: great frined, her speech really inspired me to see things through
:iconcondorguren: great friend, fun to play borderlands 2 with ^^
:iconbrandykoopa: saved all of my art pieces from being deleted by the hacker
:iconmariosonic029: really great guy, counseled me during the whole hack crisis
:iconzacktheriolu: cool guy, love his art ^^
:icondragon-girl155: great friend ^^ a really nice one at that owo
:icontyphoontheoshawott: cute little oshawott friend X3
:iconsuperultramariofan: very cool guy, my number 1 requester XD
:iconprojectstarconia: helped defend me while my account was under the hackers rule
:iconvvraith: know this guy since my start on DA
:iconnaminem: Really cool, has an awesome art style :3
:iconspikethefoxyyoshi: Apparently is Vivi's new senpai XD
:iconzirkainfinity: really good friend of :iconirishspy33: she's cool and nice ^^
:iconkangythekangaroo: really awesome friend, does some really fun RPs
:icondekumai: really great guy, love to RP with him ^^
:iconfire-bloodrage-jade: A good friend of mine, loves peeps :3
:iconraybro16: really awesome guy, really nice too!! ^^
:icongreggjanus: awesome, fun to chat with via skype!!
Im feeling a bit better, thank you all for being concerned it makes me feel a lot better

for those of you who commented, I was just upset because some kids in my CA1 class have just gotten on my bad side...but I'm sure they'll be properly apprehended~

Well, anywho, I'm fine for he moment


Digital sketch + color + background
Stuffing Silly Xeikujob by Vivi-Sinclair
The Hungry Weasel by Vivi-Sinclair
COMMISSION: Your just jelly by Vivi-Sinclair
Endless imagination, endless ideas by Vivi-Sinclair
A digital sketch from my tablet with color and an added background and shading
Digital sketch + Color (shading optional)
So mcuh food, so little stomach by Vivi-Sinclair
Maybe 7 by Vivi-Sinclair
Dopplegangers by Vivi-Sinclair
Biggest Argument (remake in my style) by Vivi-Sinclair
A digital sketch drawn from my tablet with added color
Digital Sketch
Too tired to draw today by Vivi-Sinclair
Question 78 by Vivi-Sinclair
Vivi\'s automail by Vivi-Sinclair
A digital sketch drawn from my tablet
A wild deku appeared by Vivi-Sinclair
A sketch from my personal sketch book with color and an added background
It's time to...wait they're done?! by Vivi-Sinclair
Release the Beast... by Vivi-Sinclair
Uh oh... by Vivi-Sinclair
Oh Krit by Vivi-Sinclair
Sup bro by Vivi-Sinclair
A sketch from my personal sketch with added color
Saiko's Failed Experient (extra) by Vivi-Sinclair
Vivi joins the art show! by Vivi-Sinclair
Positive by Vivi-Sinclair
A sketch from my personal sketch book


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beginning of the new year and I already feel like shit
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This still bugs me so I'm throwing it out here 

25 deviants said Like how bowser has 8 kids but no one knows he mother
10 deviants said Saiko being a test tube baby


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